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'Our Wedding Day was a DREAM come TRUE! 
It was beautiful and whimsical  and the whole day I felt like I was floating on a cloud'

Why did you chose Riverwood: Aaron and I were engaged for more than 12 years so I had 12 years to plan my dream wedding and to work out all the tiny details in my head. Carmen’s sister Sophie and I used to go to the same gym, so we were friends on Facebook and when she got married I saw the wedding photos she posted of Riverwood and it was like someone had plucked the images out of my head and I knew that this was where I was finally going to get married. I planned my whole wedding around the venue and it was completely effortless.


Tips and hints: 1)Gumtree is great for picking up decorations and items from other people’s weddings. 2)Be careful - some DIY projects will actually cost you more than it would to pay someone else to do them for you. 3)Remember what is important, although you will remember every tiny detail of your day, your guests will not. No matter how perfect and extravagant and beautiful your wedding is, you will never be able to enjoy it if you are too busy stressing out about everything. Tackle the things you can handle and pass the things you can’t on to someone else. 4)Enjoy every minute of it! Every bride says this in retrospect when they realise how quickly it all goes but it is so true. We only get to do this once (well most of us!) so enjoy every second, even the stressful crazy ones, because you’ll miss it when it’s over. 5)Hire an On-The-Day coordinator or appoint a non-guest friend or family member to do it for you. This was the best $$$ I spent with Carmen as my OTDC as she took all my planning and ideas a put them all together on the day, liaised with my vendors and set everything up as we planned. It allowed me to relax and enjoy the heck out of my day!


- Jarn + Aaron Dyer; Gold Coast - 27th August 2016 x

Photographed by Catch & Kiss Photography

Aaron + Janaki's August '16 Wedding...

Dyer Wedding-23
Dyer Wedding-25
Dyer Wedding-58
Dyer Wedding-33
Dyer Wedding-17
Dyer Wedding-118
Dyer Wedding-139
Dyer Wedding-86
Dyer Wedding-148
Dyer Wedding-166
Dyer Wedding-109
Dyer Wedding-101
Dyer Wedding-189
Dyer Wedding-222
Dyer Wedding-226
Dyer Wedding-266
Dyer Wedding-285
Dyer Wedding-292
Dyer Wedding-342
Dyer Wedding-365
Dyer Wedding-384
Dyer Wedding-405
Dyer Wedding-389
Dyer Wedding-382
Dyer Wedding-380
Dyer Wedding-422
Dyer Wedding-435
Dyer Wedding-442
Dyer Wedding-448
Dyer Wedding-444
Dyer Wedding-522
Dyer Wedding-734
Dyer Wedding-529
Dyer Wedding-773
Dyer Wedding-825
Dyer Wedding-775
Dyer Wedding-774
Dyer Wedding-780
Dyer Wedding-726
Dyer Wedding-741
Dyer Wedding-772
Dyer Wedding-765
Dyer Wedding-782
Dyer Wedding-790
Dyer Wedding-798
Dyer Wedding-805
Dyer Wedding-810
Dyer Wedding-579
Dyer Wedding-569
Dyer Wedding-619
Dyer Wedding-659
Dyer Wedding-709
Dyer Wedding-696
Dyer Wedding-607
Dyer Wedding-894
Dyer Wedding-898
Dyer Wedding-925
Dyer Wedding-930
Dyer Wedding-934
Dyer Wedding-883
Dyer Wedding-939
Dyer Wedding-885
Dyer Wedding-742
Dyer Wedding-933
Dyer Wedding-868
Dyer Wedding-944
Dyer Wedding-945
Dyer Wedding-982
Dyer Wedding-950
Dyer Wedding-957
Dyer Wedding-1019
Dyer Wedding-958
Dyer Wedding-959
Dyer Wedding-989
Dyer Wedding-992
Dyer Wedding-1082
Dyer Wedding-1149
Dyer Wedding-1148
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